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If the existence of the human mind comprehends a subconcious area then an metaconscious region must exists as well. But are we ready to confront and face up to our demons arising from below and are we able to hear the advices coming from the above or will we just blindly sink deeper and deeper into our unconscious paralyzed by our fears, angst and selfishness? Where will our inspirations, motivations, urges and acts project from our outer world? From which region?
The music we make are mostly inspired by these questions. Our creations break out from the depths of the darkest side of the human sense. Our common path, evoked through our songs, starts from the most hopeless and desperate place - where the story of the king's youngest son starts from - hoping that we are again and again able to take a journey through our thoughts which aims from the darkness towards the light. Well, we invite you to this path. Are you ready? Will you come along with us?




As a child, I had a dream - when I grow up, I will owe a drumset! This moment came when I turned 17. A little while ago I started to learn music, guitar and piano among other things but finally the drum had a grip on me...and it is still like an addiction, amuse me, mesmerize me. When a non-melodic instrument sounds like a melodic one and you feel urge to dance because of the rythm, so, that's a kind of delight to me.
My taste of music was highly influenced by heavy metal from the 80's till today's metal, this is the base of my style of drumming. Beside that, Punk Rock and Hard/Dirty Rock was also influenced me. Due to my parents I got some disco music from the 80's&90's...So I like tight rhythms and hard drum themes but meanwhile melody remained important to me since I don't like autotelic productions. But the most important thing, a human has to be behind all of this, even if it is melancholy or massive shredding. Also worth to mention, if I listen to an album (yeah, a whole album, not jut top hits because I still buy LPs...), I like when it is diversified and I feel I'm listening not the same song through the whole album.
It seems, I find everything in Subcortic what I like as a musician and a listener as well. I'm looking forward what will come of it.


For me, the most important aspect of music is, that it has the captivating, resonating energy as well as melody. I found this in Subcortic when I joined as the newest member. This is my first band in which we play almost exclusively our own songs, instead of covers. It's both a challenge and a chance to reach my personal development goals to add the hypnotic rumble to our music which resonates the whole room from my pick.
I've tried a few instruments trough the years; the bass was the one, which I started playing music with in high school, for my own entertainment. This hobby became one of the most important parts of my life, I love the perfect simplicity and the simple perfection, so the bass remained my main instrument. Actually, one of the most important parts of making music is sharing it, so concerts are the most important for me.


So, how is this singing matter at me? I guess, my grandma was the reason all of this. When I was a child, I stayed at my grandparents and I remember, my grandma was singing always. She was singing during cooking, singing while gardening or washing…So if she was happy or even sad. She had reason to sing every time. This stuck on me somehow. I was a conscious kid (to be honest, still I am) but if it comes to singing, I can easily unwind. Anyhow, it is hard to open the mind and sing in front of others, but for me it was somehow still easier than speaking. I can’t sing anyway, but I love. ? I have a strange, low tone voice - people either love or hate it. When I was younger, I would have liked to endear my voice to people (at least to the majority), so my style of singing. This is not so important nowadays, rather the genuineness which matters and I attach importance to sing about personal experiences. I couldn’t imagine myself as a member in a tribute band (I’m over it)…By now, I would like to fable my own experiences and thoughts through music. I hope that listeners will be affected by these thoughts, questions and recognitions as well and the music will help them.
Allow me to mention here, I had great teachers - Bodnár Feri, Avar Judit, I learnt a lot from them...You know, singing is a thing which made by 30% of technique - the physical things like breathing exercises, position of your body, etc., but the rest is a matter of soul…Depends on what’s in your head, what you feel and where you place your mind while you are singing. So, you have to grow up to the “real singing” not just technically but spiritually as well…again and again. Singing is a kind of magic somehow. This magic is always there in the singer’s throat, it is capable to take effect to others at once so it is a crucial question how to use this power. Music and composing is responsibility. Responsibility because it affects people, influences others. Furthermore, music has direct access to our heart.
I hope our songs are bringing up solemn questions and they bear influences on people. I hope this. We don’t play such a happy music but facing with the reality and substantive matters were never a funny object. But over a certain point it is all the more elevating to the soul. We would like to see this honest movement with you…again and again.


I had been infected by metal music somewhere back in the 90's, so that era highly influenced my guitar playing. However, I listened to other genres too and my taste of music continuously changed through the time but metal was always a stable point. When I'm composing I'm trying to dig into the melancholic world and balancing between dark melodies and tight, powerful themes. So, what would you expect? There will be no happiness...
"Nothing is more blasphemous than a properly played distorted guitar. It is capable of making blasphemous noises, and that's what first attracted me." (Frank Zappa)


Former band members

Dwarf 2017-2019

Music. One of the moving spirit of our life. Some satisfied with listening only, some dance on it and some people want to physically feel its calling into the existence. To feel as the strings of the guitar vibrate and the kick thumps in the chest. Getting closer to that channel in which the values transmitted through music are in the most cleanest form.
Through the past years I played different instruments in different bands but the gist of matter is unchanged. Music. Wherever will my fate drift me, this gonna be a stable point. It impregnates my days and leads me as the evening-star at nights. What else can I say? I would like to believe that "infinite time will be ours" and the "rusty carousel" will be spinning forever. Life's weary road is a continuous "chase with fire" and though we are those who "live behind the shadows", "If I could born again, even so I would live".
"I believe in the fans. I believe in metal more than anybody you've ever met. And another thing, I'm prepared to die for metal. Are you?" (Joey DeMaio, during a 2006 interview with Rock Hard Magazine)

Laci Mester 2017-2018

As for me, music is a kind of journey which has infinite stages. I gain knowledge and experience at each stage which somehow resulting influences on my upcoming stages. Obviously, there are essential stages - for me, this is "rock/heavy".
I guess, 90's was the most powerful and the most active era of this genre and luckily I could live that right there. That era inspired me to learn guitar.
Today's musicians' biggest challenge is representing the actual feelings and thoughts through their music and meanwhile they still has to be unique, unrepeatable and matchless. The actual stage of my journey is the dark metal - here we stay in a gloomy field and we look for the solution in the deepest corner of our soul. And if we are speaking of depth, we get to the bass! Another stage on my journey, a new instrument...something new that is waiting to be discovered.

Geri 2016-2017

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